Universal for iPhone & iPad, $3.99 (Tier 4)

Filterstorm Neue provides you with all the photo editing tools you need; everything from powerful masking tools to simple pre-made filters. It has been rewritten to to be faster, easier to use, and to take full advantage of your device's hardware. Photojournalists will enjoy features like FTP and IPTC metadata with code replacements, purists can use curves and masking to dodge and burn, and iPhoneographers of all skill levels can enjoy the set of photo effects included. Combine this feature set with the beautiful fluid new interface that changes colors to match your photos and you have a photo editing package that can't be beat.








IPTC Fields

Filterstorm Neue supports export of the following IPTC fields. IPTC fields are currently not read from photos, but support for this is planned for the future.

Code Replacements

Filterstorm Neue 1.0 has preliminary support for code replacements. Simply place a code replacements file named "code-replacement.txt" into Filterstorm Neue's documents directory in iTunes under the Apps tab. When editing your image's metadata, you prefix the code with a / and then when you hit space after inputting the code, it will be replaced. This feature is working, but in an early form; more importing and management options will be added in the future.

Recent Updates

Features in Versions 1.3–1.3.5

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Future Development

Features in Version 1.4